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PEI Breast Cancer Information Partnership

Since 1998, members of the Prince Edward Island Breast Cancer Information Partnership (PEIBCIP or 'The Partnership') have worked to ensure easy, accessible reliable and up-to-date information about early detection, treatment and follow-up care is available to those affected by breast cancer on Prince Edward Island.

The Prince Edward Island Breast Cancer Information Partnership is comprised of volunteers representing various organizations involved with breast cancer in Prince Edward Island. Fifty per cent of the Partnership’s members are breast cancer survivors.

The Partnership works to support all Islanders affected by breast cancer on Prince Edward Island, no matter their geographical location, cultural, age or educational circumstances, by providing easy access to timely, accurate and appropriate breast cancer information.

The Partnership also works to enhance the capacity of breast cancer stakeholders in Prince Edward Island to work together toward common goals.

The objectives of our work are:
  • To increase public support and professionals' awareness of sources of support for breast cancer survivors.
  • To establish and maintain partnerships among
    representatives from key breast cancer organizations and institutions in Prince Edward Island and when
    appropriate, throughout the Atlantic Region.
  • To identify gaps or duplication in existing information or
    dissemination strategies.
  • To collaborate in developing new resources in response to the identified gaps.
  • To develop and maintain effective information
    dissemination strategies particularly to newly diagnosed women and to people in underserved areas or groups.
Current Members

David Ashby, MD (Advisory)
Canadian Cancer Society 902-566-4007; 1-866-566-4007
Barbara Sampson - Canadian Cancer Society(Reach to Recovery Program)

Elaine Smith - Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (QEH)
Norah Smith -
former Director Breast Screening Program
Deborah Tremere - PEI BC Screening Program
Nancy Key - Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - PEI
Judy Donovan Whitty - Charlottetown Contact - PEI Breast Cancer Support Group and Reach To Recovery Volunteer, PEI Rep on Board of  Directors Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) 902-569-3496;judydw@eastlink.ca

Breast Cancer Support Group contacts:

Judy -Charlottetown  569-3496  Glenda - 894-5454

Suzette - Souris area BC Support Group - 902-687-3950

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